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Hailing from the scenic landscapes of Norway, Assa Music stands as a fresh  EDM producer with a penchant for weaving deep house, electro house and tropical house into mesmerizing sonic tapestries.

The roots of Assa's musical odyssey trace back to classical training, where he mastered the piano and trombone in the embrace of the Young Symphony Orchestra. These early influences cultivated a deep appreciation for musical intricacies, laying the foundation for his versatile approach to EDM.

Having ventured into diverse musical landscapes, Assa aka. AMH collaborated with the Nu-metal outfit Kavorka in the early 2000s, infusing his work with a raw, energetic edge under the alias DJ Hero.  This period of exploration ignited a raw energy that would later shape his solo endeavors.

For the past two decades, Assa aka.AMH has worn many hats, working as a chef in the restaurant business, owning and running a Personal Training studio, and excelling as a Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer.

While his professional journey has been multifaceted, it's the fusion of these varied experiences that adds a unique flavor to Assa Music's sonic creations. The intricate beats of EDM now intertwine with the culinary precision of a chef, the discipline of personal trainer , and the soothing touch of a massage therapist.

The turning point arrived during the unforeseen landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing Assa with the opportunity to channel his creativity into a solo career. Thus, Assa Music emerged, carving a niche in the EDM scene with an innovative fusion of future bass and chill tropical house.

Despite his EDM focus, Assa remains deeply connected to his classical and Nu-metal roots, a unique blend that sets his productions apart. The echoes of these influences resonate through each track, infusing them with a timeless quality that captivates audiences.

An epiphany struck in 2001 when Assa was introduced to Röyksopp's 'Eple.' This seminal moment opened his eyes to the complexities of EDM, inspiring a profound journey into its intricate world. Today, Assa draws inspiration from contemporary luminaries like Kygo, Avicii, ILLENIUM, and Seeb, citing them as the driving forces behind his evolving sound.

Assa Music's sonic landscapes are a testament to his commitment to pushing boundaries and defying genre constraints. With each production, he invites listeners on a journey where heritage meets innovation, classical roots harmonize with futuristic beats, and the echoes of Nu-metal blend seamlessly with the melodies of tomorrow. As Assa Music continues to shape the EDM landscape, his music stands as an invitation to experience the rich tapestry of emotions woven into every note.

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