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Electronic Press Kit (EPK) - Assa Music


Hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Norway, Assa Music stands as a distinguished

figure in the electronic dance music (EDM) scene. His journey began with classical roots,

exploring the delicate melodies of the piano and the resonant tones of the trombone.

From collaborations with the edgy Nu-metal outfit Kavorka to the emergence of his solo

career, Assa Music has evolved into a versatile EDM producer, weaving together deep

house, electronic beats, and tropical melodies.


Latest Releases:

• Typical (feat. Ben) - A mesmerizing deep house cover that pays homage to the original

by Alok and Steve Aoki, adding Assa Music's unique touch to this EDM classic.

• Lights Come Up - An evocative composition that takes the listener on a sonic journey,

blending ambient textures with pulsating beats, showcasing Assa Music's ability to craft

emotive soundscapes.

• All We Need - A chill vocal EDM track that exemplifies Assa Music's mastery in blending

soothing vocals with dynamic electronic elements, creating an immersive and uplifting



Assa Music's sound is a fusion of influences ranging from classical maestros to

contemporary EDM icons. Inspired by luminaries such as Kygo, Avicii, ILLENIUM, and

Seeb, he navigates the intricate realms of melody, rhythm, and innovation.


• Featured in prominent EDM playlists on major streaming platforms.

• Recognition for seamlessly blending classical and contemporary elements in his


• Engaged in collaborations with international EDM artists.

Upcoming Projects:

• Ongoing collaborations with international EDM artists.

• Exploration of new sonic landscapes in upcoming singles.

• Plans for virtual performances and interactive fan engagements.

• Live performances captivating a blend of atmospheric vibes and high-energy beats.

Social Media Presence:

Instagram: @Assa_Music_Official

Twitter: @assamusic1

Facebook: @assamusicNO

Contact Information:

For bookings, interviews, or collaborations, please contact:


Note: For the latest updates, releases, and additional press materials, please visit

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