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Review of "Typical"by The Music Asylum (music review)

Assa Music is an incredible music producer, who has put together some brilliant pieces over the years.

They have recently released a new hit, “Typical”, and I must say, this might be there best one yet.

The music is upbeat, catchy and contagious. From the second it begins you will find yourself hooked on the beat, and this is undoubtedly one for the club! This is one of those tracks that can be loved and enjoyed by literally anyone, so be sure to give it a listen to.

Not only is the music amazing, but the vocals are too. There is no denying that the vocalist has a very talented voice, and it is perfect for this track.

So, what are you waiting for? Click the link below and give “Typical” by Assa Music a little listen to now! (music review)

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