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Review of Typical by Cosmonauta Radio (music review)

The great return of “ASSA MUSIC” is perfect for Deep House lovers because the song with which he has returned is fabulous in every sense, from the lyrics to the melody, during this sonic journey you will feel alive and With the desire to give shine to the dance floor, his song has been forged with his characteristic style, which is proof that this artist has a broad and modern vision of the genre, with wonderful sounds he has left us trapped and with fluid rhythms it has put us in a happy mood , the gallantry is unleashed quickly and that is why we know that you will feel in tune with this work...  

In “Typical” there is sonic magnetism, listening to this song you will have a guaranteed catharsis, every second is stimulating in addition to all the arrangements being on another level, the instrumental of the track will leave you energetic so it is an excellent option for fall in love with Deep House music again and if you don't believe us then listen to what this great piece of music offers!  

(music review)

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