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Review of "Typical" by EDM Records - Music Reviews,News

Assa Music is back on the scene again, and this time he’s bringing the kind of heat that’s sure to leave the underground scene shaken. It’s been a while since we last heard new tunes from one of the deepest talents the house world has ever seen. Just when we thought the legend of Assa Music had faded into obscurity, he drops this bombshell of a return.

With “Typical,” featuring Ben, Assa Music has taken Alok and Steve Aoki’s hit and remixed it with the kind of magic only a true artist can conjure. Where the original track delivered infectious energy, Assa’s rework transcends into a higher dimension. From the first second, we were lost, taken somewhere far from the surface and deep into the caverns where house music’s soul resides. Assa builds the song with surgical precision, unwinding old strands of the track into an entirely new feel. The melodies weave in and out like a serpent dancing to the beat, mesmerizing you further with each movement.

Some artists simply remix; Assa Music remasters. Where others may be content with adding a fresh coat of paint, Assa gets right down to the bone and reconstructs with meticulous care and visionary flair. The steady rhythm of the build absorbs you as minute sonic elements are meticulously stripped away or subtly augmented, altering the raw material into something entirely new yet fully faithful to the original DNA. It’s remixing at its most artful; not just arranging preexisting parts, but fully reimagining them from the group up.

For too long, Assa Music’s brilliance has gone unheard by the masses. But with “Typical,” this music king is making his grand return to claim his rightful throne once more. This isn’t just a remix, it’s a resurgence, a statement of intent, with more legendary cuts no doubt to come. The world may have thought Assa Music was gone for good, but like a phoenix rising from the ashes, his resurrection burns brighter and hotter than ever before. The game has changed, Assa Music is back, and the scene will never be the same. If Assa Music’s brilliant comeback track has you as hooked as we are, be sure to follow the artist everywhere online to stay up to date with all his latest movements. You can also find the track on all major platforms, so make sure you also check it out there.

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