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Review of "Typical" by MESMERIZED

Sometimes, even the most accomplished and talented artists need to take a break. Assa Musicknows it well, having entered a production hiatus back in 2021. Time flew by, leaving the Norwegian creative silent and dormant. Until… now. We are pleased to announce his return to the global electronic scene: ‘Typical (feat. Ben)’ is the song that welcomes the project back, a stunning cover of Alok and Steve Aoki, reinterpreted in classic Assa Music’s eclecticism. 

The keen listener will feel hypnotised by the poignancy and fuzziness contained in ‘Typical’. You see, although navigating bright and commercial EDM territories, the record still manages to maintain a certain depth and nuance, especially obvious in the carefully crafter production; quite minimal yet impactful. 

Ben features on vocals, lending his evocative tone to a sea of reverb and distortion, the perfect match for such an electrifying anthem. We would not call the single a club cut, as it is more geared towards easy listening. It’s electronic music for gloomy evenings and meaningful car rides – find out for yourself. 

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